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You'll be amazed at what you can build and sustain for your members. A dedicated space that is built around your industry's topics, nomenclature and needs.

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Fully White Label

Our community platform runs as if you created it. Not only do you get a geographically EXCLUSIVE right to your industry segment, you also get your own domain name and branding. It’s your community; we are just here to power it for you. The community is fully customizable to include just the features you need. If you are international, relax — we translate.

You control your community from a console
You create the catalog. All content fits within that common catalog. Gone are irrelevant hashtags and undiscoverable posts.

Discoverable Content

Facebook encourages fleeting, fickle and sometimes hostile interactions. Our software is designed to make discussions, media, advice and other content both friendly and — more importantly — DISCOVERABLE. Even years after being posted, users can easily find content by brand, product name, topic and keyword. Your community becomes the source for this knowledge. Every post in the community must have at least one topic and one specialty (or brand, depending on how you set up your site). That lets us catalog every post. The left and right panels on each page in the discussion area have catalog filters that let users quickly narrow their “feed” content as desired. Unlike other social sites, we prioritize the user’s ability to FIND content.

Chaptered Posts

In many communities, users need to connect posts that take place over days, weeks or months. Rather than having a dozen different posts, the user can post a chaptered story and add sequential posts as and when they desire, knowing that each post will be connected into a single, cataloged story.

Every post in the community must have at least one topic and one specialty (or brand, depending on how you set up your site).
Events are central and specific to your industry.


The event calendar permits your staff and members to post events. Events are discoverable by type, sanctioning body, distance and date. All photos, videos and text can be linked to their corresponding events making it easy to look up by event name.

The event "wish list" lets users get a notification when an event that matches their criteria is posted on the site!

Editorial Content

The articles area provides curated content written by approved contributors. Articles appear like full-page, magazine-style stories complete with integrated media. Articles are also cataloged so users can easily find content specific to their needs.

Editorial content from select users enhances the utility of your community.
You get a custom mobile app

Message & Notifications

Like any modern social media platform, our software permits instant messages, in-site notifications and email notifications, which the user can set for “instant” or “daily digest” in most cases. Users can opt out and request full deletion from the system per GDPR standards.

Each site can have its own native iOS/Android mobile app that keeps their community top-of-screen for site members. Users get alerts when there are new bulletins, notifications and messages.

Powerful Posting Tools

The discussion area has six different post types; standard discussions, advice requests, chaptered stories, polls, articles and sponsored posts. EVERY post gets cataloged according to your organization's taxonomy. You can update, create and remove categories and topics anytime.

Smart post types
club or local bases

Groups & Clubs

The group area permits members to establish live or virtual group pages with events, classifieds, bulletins, documents and other information. Members can “join” groups on the site and thereby gain access to the otherwise private content posted for club members.

Vendor Support Tools

The vendor support system permits brands to set up their own landing pages and host incoming support tickets. Answers to common questions can be made public, thereby forestalling future questions of the same nature.

automate customer help

Spontaneous Meetups

Our innovative meet-up map allows members to quickly file their intention to appear at a venue up to 7 days in advance. Members can follow others’ plans and get notifications when their friends plan to do whatever it is they do in your industry segment.

spontaneous meetups
nder your industry's rubric

Classified Ad Market

The platform features a fully functional classified ad space that allows users to buy and sell based on specific, industry-specific categories. Users can sign up for notices whenever another user posts an ad for an item the first user desires.

OwnTheCrowd lets your organization regain control from out-of-control social media sites which enslave your marketing team.

Master Courses

Your team can designate master course authors, who can add courses and video "chapters" that track the user's progress through the course. In future releases, licensees can monetize access to this area.

post and view

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