Bring your community back home and organize it in the process.

  • Own your own fully branded community along with all of the media and data generated by your community.
  • User contributions are always cataloged according to your community's needs so members can easily locate and discover content.
  • Have your own mobile app so your posts (and others') can immediately land right on your users' devices.
  • Optionally generate revenue from this platform.
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Recapture your audience through reimagined
social media.

Your customers are splintered into hundreds of disaggregated “groups” on social media. And it’s nearly impossible to locate content unless the algorithms allow it. Take back control.

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If you really care about your community...

You will not abandon it to a generic social media company
If your organization really cared about its community, it would not abandon it to a generic social media company
Communities are moving to hyper-specific vs generic social media enclaves

You have this really interesting countermovement backwards into these much smaller and much more hyper-specific communities.

According to an article on Business Insider, communities are moving off of generic social media toward hyper-focused communities. OwnTheCrowd enables just that migration.

Change your strategy instantly

OwnTheCrowd is a hosted platform that gives you full ownership, organization and control

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Sports and hobbies


OwnTheCrowd suits organizations that want to preserve and organize the experience, knowledge and advice of their communities.

If you currently use generic social media sites,
there really is no comparison

Compare OwnTheCrowd with Facebook and LinkedIn

See it in action.

Fly RC Nation homepage screenshot.

Horizon Hobby, the world’s largest hobby distributor, adopted the OwnTheCrowd platform to power its RC air, RC car and model train communities. Their communities revolve around their products.

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“OwnTheCrowd has the absolute best platform for enabling both social engagement and knowledge preservation. When members of our communities contribute their valuable experience and knowledge online, we don’t want it to get buried in a week by the next raft of posts. With OwnTheCrowd’s technology, everything posted on the site gets cataloged so others can find specific information about specific products in just a couple of clicks.”

Ready to take back control?

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To get a full picture of what OwnTheCrowd offers, grab our feature deck. You’ll be amazed by our re-imagined approach to community-centric social media.

Connect. Communicate. Collaborate. Curate.

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White Paper

Read how (and why) other organizations have launched their own communities.

Our white paper explores why more and more organizations will be taking control of their own digital destinies. Focused on associations, the paper applies to any organization.

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