Recapture your audience through reimagined
social media.

Your customers are splintered into hundreds of disaggregated “groups” on social media where anyone can start yet another group. Worse, what is posted today is usually buried in a few days and it’s nearly impossible to locate. One-size-fits-all social media sites do not understand your community like you do. Combine social engagement with information retrievability.

Take back control of your audience and messaging.

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Recapture your audience through reimagined
social media.

Your customers are splintered into hundreds of disaggregated “groups” on social media. And it’s nearly impossible to locate content unless the algorithms allow it. Take back control.

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You are paying for chaos.

  • On generic social media sites your audience is fractured into redundant groups which can be created on the whim of any user.
  • How do you keep up with scores of individual LinkedIn or Facebook groups?
  • Information posted on social media gets buried (by design) to promote the next fleeting post.
  • On social media sites, your message gets interrupted by unrelated and distracting posts, ads and disinformation. You do not control who sees your messaging.
  • By investing marketing dollars and resources in generic social media platforms, you relinquish control and take on risk.

Emerge from the abyss.

  • With OTC, your organization owns your community on your domain.
  • Meaningful community features rival or exceed those on generic social media sites.
  • Your organization gets industry and geographical exclusivity.
  • Content is easily discoverable years after it is posted. Your community becomes the go-to repository in the subject matter you reserve.
  • Self-moderate your community and promote content when you want and at no cost.
  • Content posted in your community can be easily shared elsewhere online.
  • Generate revenue through automated sponsored posts, sponsored categories and standard display ads.

See it in action.

Fly RC Nation homepage screenshot.

Horizon Hobby, the world’s largest hobby distributor, adopted the OwnTheCrowd platform to power its RC air, RC car and model train communities. Their communities revolve around their products.

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“OwnTheCrowd has the absolute best platform for enabling both social engagement and knowledge preservation. When members of our communities contribute their valuable experience and knowledge online, we don’t want it to get buried in a week by the next raft of posts. With OwnTheCrowd’s technology, everything posted on the site gets cataloged so others can find specific information about specific products in just a couple of clicks.”

Ready to take back control?

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